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Having fun on the big couch

What are cat cafes?

Cat cafes are as amazing as they sound — coffee shops full of cats. Originating in Taiwan in 1998, the popularity has continued to spread around the world.

Constellation Cat Cafe has lattes, tea, milkshakes, yummy treats, and 6-20 adoptable rescue kitties (in a separate room from the coffee shop). You can spend time in the cat room with a rental. We also host events like trivia, craft sessions, and more.

Mission Statement

Constellation Cat Cafe’s mission is to create a safe environment for all people to discover the joy of pet ownership through education, inclusive events, and outreach. We support local animal rescue shelters in capacity building and finding homes for adoptable cats.

Another component of our work is focused on our staff. It is our hope that we gift our employees with leadership skills, opportunity for professional development, and lifelong lessons in humility and compassion.


At Constellation Cat Cafe, we strive to foster a safe environment where intentional inclusivity and growth in the understanding of other perspectives can flourish. Our experience has shown us that a variety of ideas coming from a variety of identities is what allows for a successful and innovative establishment.

Safe space in the eyes of Constellation Cat Cafe means a place where everyone, especially those from the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent, Houseless, Disabled communities and other marginalized groups can exist without fear of discrimination.

To us, a safe space is also a constantly evolving state of being which requires constant learning. To continue to learn and grow, we have created a feedback form for questions, comments or concerns regarding our inclusivity.

Who we are

Our team works tirelessly to provide excellent service for you and compassionate care for our feline friends.

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