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Having fun on the big couch

What are cat cafes?

Cat cafes are as amazing as they sound — coffee shops full of cats. Originating in Taiwan in 1998, the popularity has continued to spread around the world.

Constellation Cat Cafe has lattes, tea, milkshakes, yummy treats, and 6-20 adoptable rescue kitties (in a separate room from the coffee shop). You can spend time in the cat room with a rental. We also host events like trivia, craft sessions, and more.

Note for our cafe, please don’t bring your cat with you. We already have lots of furry friends for you to hang out with!

Mission Statement

Constellation Cat Cafe’s mission is to create a safe environment for all people to discover the joy of pet ownership through education, inclusive events, and outreach. We support local animal rescue shelters in capacity building and finding homes for adoptable cats.

Another component of our work is focused on our staff. It is our hope that we gift our employees with leadership skills, opportunity for professional development, and lifelong lessons in humility and compassion.


At Constellation Cat Cafe, we strive to foster a safe environment where intentional inclusivity and growth in the understanding of other perspectives can flourish. Our experience has shown us that a variety of ideas coming from a variety of identities is what allows for a successful and innovative establishment.

Safe space in the eyes of Constellation Cat Cafe means a place where everyone, especially those from the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent, Houseless, Disabled communities and other marginalized groups can exist without fear of discrimination.

To us, a safe space is also a constantly evolving state of being which requires constant learning. To continue to learn and grow, we have created a feedback form for questions, comments or concerns regarding our inclusivity.

Who we are

Our team works tirelessly to provide excellent service for you and compassionate care for our feline friends.

meet our staff

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The owner Kelsey Maccombs




Founder & Executive Director

Our Adoptions, Intake, and DEI Manager Neeharika Aniruddh




Adoptions, Intake, and DEI Manager

Our Fundraising Coordinator Alyssa Turcsak




Fundraising Coordinator

Lex, our amazing Events Coordinator




Events Coordinator

Our Cafe Manager August Kuhlman





One of our awesome baristas Em Eddy!




Cafe Staff Member

One of our amazing cafe team members Jenan Faessal!




Cafe Team Member

Our amazing volunteer coordinator Savannah Segunda!




Volunteer Coordinator

Cat Care Team Member Alex Port




Cat Care Team Member

Cat Care Team Member Kate Port




Cat Care Team Member

This does not include our abundance of dedicated volunteers. We love each and every one of you!

Meet our Board of Directors

  • Tanner Conners, Board President
  • Denise Moote, Board Member



Constellation Cat Cafe is part cafe, part cat room with adoptable cats. You can schedule a visit to the cat room using our booking link at meow.cool/visit.

After you select your preferred visit type, you are welcome to hang out in the cat room for your designated time frame. You can play with the cats, cuddle, or (attempt) to do some work with kitty companions. 

We are honored you are interested in our cafe, but we do ask that you schedule a visit to enter the cat room. Room rentals help supplement our expenses and keep Constellation Cat Cafe running. 

Hours may change occasionally, but currently:

  • Monday - Friday 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

All vaccinated guests are welcome to enter without a mask. We ask that unvaccinated guests please wear a mask. If you would like to request our staff to wear masks for your visit and safety, please do let us know and we would be happy to comply. 

Please note: Vaccinated guests may be asked to put on a mask if another guest requests it. Our primary goal is to keep our community safe.

Please do not bring your own cat to the cafe. Our cat room is typically full of boisterous friends already excited for your attention. By not allowing community members to bring their own cats, we can ensure the safety and health of our current cat room residents. 


No. We do not do out of state adoptions. Our rescue partners are local, and can only do in-state adoptions. If you live outside of Michigan and are interested in adopting, look to your local rescues, shelters, cat cafes and other adoption centers.

Consider the following questions prior to submitting an application to adopt:

  • Are you financially prepared? Our cats are already spayed/neutered and vaccinated. You will, however, need to provide proper medical care with annual check-ups and emergency care when needed. You may want to purchase pet insurance or have a health savings account for your cat. Consider also costs of food, litter, toys, and pet sitting.
  • Will your cat be more important than your furniture? Cats shed fur on clothes and furniture. A supply of lint rollers may be needed. Cats need scratching exercise. Be prepared to provide scratching surfaces and proper training to keep them from the furniture and anticipate some trial and error. Constellation Cat Cafe requires an adoption contract that prohibits declawing. Declawing is inhumane and ineffective.
  • Do you have time to spend with a cat? Contrary to popular opinion, cats are very social animals. They need affection and interactive play — especially cats who spend long hours home alone.

Fees are variable but generally:

  • Adult cat (1 year or older) – $100
  • Single kitten  (under one year) – $150
  • Two kittens – $250


Please do not bring your own snacks or drinks.

We sell many tasty beverages and snacks you are welcome to bring with you upon entry to the cat room. If you aren’t looking to visit the cat room, you are invited to have a coffee and relax on our cafe side.

Cat Room

We are lucky to work with two incredible rescue partners, Saved by Zade and Happy Feet Pet Rescue. The cats that come to the cafe come from their networks of fosters. 

It depends. Most cats are adopted within a week or two. Our longest resident in the cat room was a little over 4 months!

Yes! Though some kitties have accidents due to the stress of being relocated, all of our adoptable cats are litter trained.

We are very intentional about bringing cats that get along with other cats to our cat room. Occasionally, we’ll have adoptable cats who prefer to be a one cat household - and we make sure to mark that on their adoption chart. 

Our cat room averages 6-20 adoptable cats.

We aim for new cats every Sunday, but adjust the intake according to the amount of adoptions per week.

We have a wide range of ages. We typically have an overflow of kittens (younger than 1 year) in spring and summer due to “kitten season”

We cannot take in cats (whether found or surrendered) from the public under any circumstances. All cafe employees who can foster cats are already at full capacity.

Please reach out to your local humane society (such as Capital Area Humane Society), animal control (such as Ingham County Animal Control), or foster-based rescues (such as our rescue partners Saved By Zade and Happy Feet Pet Rescue) for assistance and advice.

For emergencies, we also encourage you to post found cats or kittens on the Michigan's Urgent Cats facebook group.

If you find a friendly adult cat outside, please post photos and location on your community's lost/found pet groups on Facebook.

We do not have an on-site vet, but we are in constant support with our rescue partners to monitor the well-being of all cats in our cat room. If we notice any unusual symptoms, we immediately notify our rescue partners.

Foster caretakers help name the cats. On special occasions, we do allow donors to help name cats.

Yes, all adoptable cats are vaccinated/spayed/neutered at the time of adoption.


Yes, we accept cash, credit card, and in-kind donations.

Please note: we are not yet 501c3 designated meaning we are not yet tax deductible for donations. We are awaiting our designation and will update you as soon as we have secured it.


You can visit our website at meow.cool/events to view all upcoming events or sign up for our newsletter to get the scoop delivered right to your inbox.


Volunteers are always joyously welcomed here!

If you would to volunteer, please visit meow.cool/volunteer. All volunteers must watch our orientation video AND attend volunteer training at the cafe before signing up for shifts. We hold volunteer training regularly. 

After completing the training, volunteers can sign up for shifts online.

Our cat room is run almost entirely by volunteers. Our volunteers are responsible for feeding the cats, cleaning the cat room, scooping cat litter, and performing wellness checks.

It would be impossible for us to run the cat cafe without our amazing volunteers!

In general, volunteers should be at least 12 years old. Volunteers under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during both training AND all volunteer shifts.