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The Cat Room

Visit our lively cat room filled with up to 6-20 adoptable cats. You are welcome to visit the cat room even if you aren’t looking for a forever friend. Our cat room has lots of space for you to play with the cats and to sip on your delicious café beverage.

Be sure to go over these rules for the cat room!

The Cat Room rules are as follows. Rule #1: No cats are allowed on the cafe side. Rule #2: When in the cat lock, take your shoes off and put socks on if needed. Rule #3: Visitors must stay quiet in the cat room. Rule #4: Leave sleeping or hiding cats alone. Rule #5: You may pick up awake unless they tell you not to. Rule #6: Please do not share your drink with any cat. Rule #7: Humans may not climb on the furniture, the tree, or the shelves. Rule #8: It is safe to pet cats on the head, and on their backs, but we do not advise petting them anywhere else. Most importantly, be nice to the cats. They have claws and teeth and will use them if they get scared.

We are able to accommodate private parties too! Consider us for: bachelorette parties, work retreats, movie nights, craft nights, and more. We can accommodate many different types of requests.

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