Are you ready for a cat?

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Are you financially prepared? Our cats are already spayed/neutered and vaccinated. You will, however, need to provide proper medical care with annual check-ups and emergency care when needed. You may want to purchase pet insurance or have a health savings account for your cat. Consider also costs of food, litter, toys, and pet sitting.
  • Will your cat be more important than your furniture? Cats shed fur on clothes and furniture. A supply of lint rollers may be needed. Cats need scratching exercise. Be prepared to provide scratching surfaces and proper training to keep them from the furniture and anticipate some trial and error. Constellation Cat Cafe requires an adoption contract that prohibits declawing. Declawing is inhumane and ineffective.
  • Do you have time to spend with a cat? Contrary to popular opinion, cats are very social animals. They need affection and interactive play — especially cats who spend long hours home alone.

Consider more than one cat.

For twice the fun and half the work, we often recommend getting a pair of cats. Cats provide each other with play and companionship, leading to less stress, less boredom and less separation anxiety. This leads to less work for you and less guilt on those days when you can’t avoid working late.

With multiple pets, slow introduction is key.

Don’t assume that your current cat won’t like, or at least tolerate, a companion. With an initial period of separation and a gradual introduction, you can have a peaceful, multi-cat household; and you may be bringing a wonderful friend into your cat’s life. Cafe staff will help you plan how to introduce a new cat into your home.

What are the adoption fees? 

Fees are variable but generally:

  • Adult cat (1 year or older) – $100
  • Single kitten  (under one year) – $150
  • Two kittens – $250

What medical procedures will adoptable cats have already had?

Our cafe cats have been spayed or neutered; received the first round of vaccinations; tested negative for FeLV/FIV; had deworming and flea treatments; and been microchipped.

Ready to adopt?

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